Broadcasters are missing out on a ton of data–it’s time to take TV online


i agree with you tv should be online and everywhere

Originally posted on paidContent (old):

Steven Spielberg and George Lucas made a big commotion at a talk recently when the two predicted the imminent “implosion” of the film industry due to the changing nature of theatrical distribution.  I believe a similar phenomenon awaits the broadcast TV industry, unless companies start making aggressive moves.

Rather than fighting cord-cutting and unbundling and making a weak effort with TV Everywhere, the top brass should be looking at putting their full broadcast TV channels online – with no restrictions. Certainly they have done a decent job offering their shows on demand via Netflix and Hulu. But outside of a recent ABC trial and certain sports broadcasts, watching live broadcast channels online still requires that you have a paid cable TV subscription in order to view.

Not only does the data show that huge audiences are streaming video online, the broadcast channels are missing a unique chance to use…

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