Sign of the mobile times: Samsung shutters its desktop PC business. Who’s next?


not surprising to me anyway coz the only place i see desktops and in large companys and insitutions.

Originally posted on Gigaom:

It’s not the first company and it won’t be the last, but Samsung is getting out of the desktop computer market. Speaking to The Korea Times on Monday, a Samsung executive said, “Demand for conventional desktop PCs is going down. We will allocate our resources to popular connected and portable devices.”

HP Slate 7 in red and grayWhile the idea of moving away from selling desktops in a market where mobile is growing seems obvious, it’s still a milestone for the computer industry as a whole. I think it also speaks to Samsung’s savvy strategies when compared to others that are staying the course. HP(s hpq) is a perfect example: After betting $1.2 billion on mobile at the right time — it purchased Palm in 2010 — HP squandered the opportunity and has only recently brought its first Android tablet to market.

To HP and others in the Android tablet and smartphone space, I…

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