Pink Floyd vs Pandora: what the fight’s about (and who’s right)


lookinh at it ,they are both right but what is wrong is aking pandora to pay more than other services of it kind its not fair.

Originally posted on Gigaom:

How do you choose sides when a beloved band and your favorite radio service start fighting? That’s the dilemma confronting music lovers this week after members of Pink Floyd reunited long enough to pen a screed in USA Today that accuses Pandora(s p) of plotting to rip off musicians.

The episode is just the latest flare-up in a long-running rumble over royalty rates in the digital age. This should mean a sober debate on economics and policy — but this is the music industry, so instead we get lies, invective and propaganda from all sides. That’s why we’re offering a plain English Q&A of what the fuss is all about. (If you’re just here for Pink Floyd, skip to the end for a treat).

Update: Pandora founder Tim Westergen has written a forceful response, saying the recent attacks are an orchestrated campaign by the RIAA and that a…

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